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Are you feeling a miss-alignment between business and personal vision, mission and purpose? Are you still looking for the playground where you can abide you mind, body and spirit in your professional and personal life, instead of living the "either or" modus?

Then this course is for you: This course is designed to unmask the prospective that skills, experience and intelligence brings you success. It will assist you in gaining traction for acceleration and growth in your respective fields. The course will also help you to invest in your personal development by transitioning from a mindset of an intrapreneur (one who functions within the corporate world with the mindset of an entrepreneur) to a full fledged entrepreneur. You will embrace the thought and mindset that “Enough Is Enough” and the mindset that, “I AM Enough.” Finally you will discover your, “Distinct Natural Ability (DNA) through the examination of the four elements of your DNA, in your S.H.O.E. Upon completion of this course you will be able to apply the characteristics of S.H.O.E. so you can walk in your divine assignment.



Studies indicate that 90% of people are unintentional about why they do what they do andgenerally subtract from people rather than add value. You may be stuck, You may be moving at a rapid speed but in the wrong direction, or you may be moving forward (with a limp) because of the "pebble in your shoe". In each case, this course provides your a roadmap to prevail against the forces against your Inventure (journey from the inside out).


This course will equip you with the necessary tools to

  • Make significant life changes regardless of the pebbles in your shoe

  • Intentionally design your life to create value and become self-actualized

  • Improve your effectiveness, focus, and profitability

  • Develop strategies to get unstuck.


  1. Participants are required to complete the five week course by completing one lesson every other week along with homework assignments.

  2. Recommendation of the purchase of the book entitled, “Enough Is Enough, What is in Your S.H.O.E” by, Dr. Ray Charles.


This man just cares. You can tell when somebody is living in integrity and when they are not, and I don’t remember anybody that I have met and immediately was drawn to the level of integrity that Dr. Ray has.
— Sean Smith, Former Director of Coaching and Training for Motivating the Masses Inc.
Your book will serve millions. You are a powerful, engaging, charismatic and compassionate leader. So I recommend anyone and everyone to buy that book!
— Lisa Nichols, Motivational Speaker, Founder of Motivating the Masses and CEO of Motivating the Teen Spirit, LLC
We have been struggeling as an organisation how to define ourselves ... Now that we know what our core values are, our mission, our vision, our purpose ... we are thankful for Dr. Charles and his leadership.
— Phil Kwiatkowski, executive director of Pacific Garden Mission
I have subscribed to his daily coaching email for a year, and I can think of no one who can put more in a single sentence than he does.
— Michael Pink
Dr. Ray is not only an excellent coach, but is also a mentor, cheerleader, and confidant. He takes the time to really listen and has provided the tools and insights I need to achieve my personal and professional goals. Our coaching sessions have help me come closer to unrevealing my purpose and have given me the courage to Leap”. Working with Dr. Ray has been a wonderful experience and I’m truly grateful to have him as a coach!
— Michele, new coaching client from Speak and Write ATL, 2016
I found his book so inspiring that I actually changed the first chapter of my book and asked myself: Can I go even deeper? Can I go even more real?
— Jonas Kehrbaum
He actually is five coaches rolled up into one. He is my personal development coach, he is my speaking coach, he is my accountability coach, he is my communications coach, and he is my strategies coach.
— Deborah Pajula Brunner

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By signing up, you also secure access to Dr. Ray's new online Course for $97USD. Actual value $497USD