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Dr. Ray Charles, best-selling author and speaker, travels the globe training leaders, and future leaders, on Righteous Leadership.

Since 1993, at a time when the word “coach” was, generally, only associated with sports or executive coaching, Dr Ray has been a
faithful pioneer in the field of spiritual coaching -  coaching leaders including: business, civic, government, clergy and,
sports and entertainment leaders to lead from a position of righteousness.

Today, some may coin Dr. Ray’s specialization as "the Gospel of Vocation," functioning as a catalyst (A Ray of Light) for leaders
by showing them how to amplify their influence (as Salt and Light). He leverages his experience as a pastor, master facilitator
and business leader to provide ethical insight, managerial insight and economic insight to his clients (from a Biblical perspective)
so that they will have a huge impact on their subordinates, followers, and stakeholders.

Dr. Ray’s philosophy is rooted in the proverb, "When the Righteous are in authority, the people rejoice."


Dr. Ray is a mindset engineer. He has learned how to use his knowledge in Chemical Engineering to help people engineer the right processes and the right mindset to take them from Point A to Point B. He helps people understand the process of creating the right thoughts, and the right action to get the right results.