In marketing, top-of-mind awareness (TOMA) refers to a brand or specific product being first in customers' minds when thinking of a particular industry or category.

It seems that we’re living in an era where list building has become TOMA.

Today, for example, when one is applying for a job, companies are looking for your social/market reach (number of followers, friends, likes, connected groups, etc ). Some call it brand equity, relationship equity, social capital, etc.

Is this Important? Absolutely. …. But, should it be Preeminent? Should it be TOMA? Absolutely not.

Today, list size has become synonymous with the word value. When that occurs, one is treading on dangerous territory.

Have you ever attended someone’s funeral service, only to be surprised by the sheer number of individuals who showed up, just to say thank you for the lasting impact and legacy?

Chances are, this person’s list was built, but it was not built by him or his/her email marketing campaign.

John 6:65-67

Then he said, "That is why I said that people can't come to me unless the Father gives them to me." At this point many of his disciples turned away and deserted him. Then Jesus turned to the Twelve and asked, "Are you also going to leave?" Simon Peter replied, "Lord, to whom would we go? You have the words that give eternal life.

So who/what is building/driving your list?

Is it ego?

Is it _______?

Is it The Father?