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When you hear the phrase, “Design-Build Your Life” what immediately comes to mind?

From an academic and practical perspective a “Design-Build” professional would be someone who studied Architecture and Civil Engineering, or Architecture and Construction Management.

Such a professional is considered empowered. 

What do I mean?

Traditionally, an architect would design the building and then the client would:

(i) Use the construction drawings/document to bid out the project to construction companies

(ii) Select the best or lowest bidder to construct the building - the architect is the client’s representative during this phase to make sure the building is built according to the construction documents.

On the other hand, the design-built professional/company cuts out the middleman and serves as a one-stop shop for the client (often this professional can design and build the project for less than the first option), but also s/he is absorbing 100% liability vs liability distribution in the first option.

As you look at both options, which do you think most people take in the building phase of their lives? Unquestionably, option 1. Why? Two reasons:

(1) They believe that the “subject matter experts” know more about their future than their gut instinct. They architect their way (they start off being inspired) to "write the vision and make it plain," (the blueprint if you will) but then they transfer the construction management of their dreams and vision to the hottest and lowest bidder.

(2) They allow their culture and environment to build, and place a lid, on their lives (regardless of the level of success they have amassed.)

Think of the Great Pioneers (Steve Jobs, Sir Isaac Newton, Thomas Edison, etc) did they pass the baton after the design phase to someone else to steer the ship in the construction (prototyping, product development, building phase)? We all know the answer to that question. A resounding no. They stuck it out with grit and resilience. In the words of the poem, “Invictus,” they were the master of their fate, they were the captain of their soul.

Disclaimer: I am not making a claim for the lone ranger mentality, nor am I suggesting that one should not delegate or form strategic partnerships to support areas of weakness. But what I am suggesting is we ought to never lose the pulse of responsibility and accountability for the design and construction phases of our lives:

  • Professional Life

  • Relational Life

  • Emotional Life

  • Spiritual Life

  • Etc

When I hear the phrase, “Design-Build Your life” I hear, Noah, building the Ark from the design which he received from divine inspiration.

So, like Noah, have you apprehended (embraced) your cause; written your design; found yourself experiencing immense success, but just have not reconciled your success with your divinely inspired cause? If you answered yes to this question, for a limited time, I've decided to offer a sepecial one-on-one 30 Minute "Design Build Your Life" coaching session. During this session we will work together to create a clear vision for the key Design-Build milestones in your life.

Because I have limited slots, I will be randomly selecting 10 individuals. At this introductory session:

  • You will uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your life of fulfilment
  • You will identify your proverbial “You ARE here”
  • You will learn to build according to your Design
  • You will have a new awareness of what is causing many of the challenges in the build and or design phase of your life (Professional, Relational, Emotional, Spiritual)
  • You will have a renewed sense of energy about regaining focus on what really matters
  • You will leave with an action plan to not Just leave a legacy but to live your legacy
  • You will eliminate distractions and unnecessary tasks
  • You will develop grit and resilience to finish your course


To apply for your 30 minute "Design Build Your Life" coaching session simply complete the form below. In the subject area place #DBYL. In the message area share your success, share your cause (divine blueprint), and share the challenge you are experiencing in reconciling your design blue print with your build phase.


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