Each year, during the month of November, I usually get a them which goes from my head to my heart and eventually to my feet, where I walk it out in the following year. The theme I heard for 2018 was three words, "What Really Matters."

As I look into the rare view mirror of the past 5+ decades of my life, the thing that matters the most is RELATIONSHIPS. Not the Win, Not the Status, Not the material things. One thing ..... Relationship, with many layers:

  • Relationship with Self
  • Relationship with Loved Ones
  • Relationship with God
  • Relationship with Money
  • Relationship with Challenges
  • Relationship with Stakeholders
  • Relationship with our Enemies


 I can go on and on with that relationship list.

As long as we are alive, I believe it is the vital skill that we must master, and yet, it is the most commonly ignored. You see, our education system teaches us to be good practitioners in our craft (to do the thing right) but it did not equip us, to do the right thing. The latter is all about relationships. 

What's the one tool you are going to apply to build your relationship muscles?

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