By Dr Ray Charles


Each one of us was born with a seed of Genius. Some of us bear witness to it, some of us don't. Unfortunately, because a large number of people don't, the term "Genius" have been relegated to a select few.

The truth of the matter is each one of us was born with his/her seed of greatness. That seed may be:

- The seed of Vision

- The seed of Influence

- The seed of Artistic Ability

- The seed of Creativity

- The seed of Articulation

- The seed of being a great teacher

- The seed of being a great politician

- The seed of being a great Business Woman

- The seed of WHATEVER!!!

Whatever your seed of greatness is, its intention was to share your gift with the world. In other words, Genius, from the beginning of time, was ALWAYS intended to be common for ALL.

The familiar Bible text (above) gives us a clue. The clue is in the word "took." The word took means, to own it."

You see, it's not enough to know you're a genius. You've got to own it!

Once we own it we can then sow it AND grow it in our field (engineering, accounting, medicine, law, clergy, etc). 

Then and only then we will unapologetically proclaim, #GeniusISCommon 

So is there something that you know intuitively that you have not yet owned? Whatever it is, the world awaits you. You're not late, and you're not're right on time.

Let's #DestroyTheLies of elitism. 

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