Tell me something ….. during the normal course of the day, are you usually conscious of your breathing (inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide)? To the majority of people, the answer is no…..

What if our sheer presence in the midst of others had the same effect? What if in our ordinary, everyday, life (our interaction) produced healing in others unbeknownst to us?

This happened to me recently at a leadership training I was facilitating in Connecticut. As I greeted the attendees as they made their way into the hall I noticed this one elderly lady (Mary) limping, inching her way to the class, with a cane in her hand to maintain her balance. When she got to the registration table she said, “I sprained my ankle but nothing was going to stop me from attending this class.”

As I released the attendees for their first break I approached Mary and asked her, “do you mind if I secure you a wheelchair from the front desk of the hotel?” She immediately said “no thank you.” But after thinking of the pain she was experiencing she said, I am embarrassed, but I will like to get one.”

Fast forward to the end of the day,…….

Expecting her to be wheeled out of the room, to my amazement, I saw her beaming down the isle, walking towards me briskly, without the cane. She said to me, “You healed me.” I responded, “excuse me?” She repeated two more times, each time with a louder voice, “you healed me!”

I knew right then and there that it was the Love of God (flowing through me) who healed this lady. I was unaware and it was totally unintentional on my part.

Each day, we are given a window of opportunity to impact others lives. You may be surprised when you meet St. Peter, how many folks you have impacted from everyday, “ordinary” life..

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